About Us

Logistic At A Glance

Assist Dispatch is a Nigerian based startup logistic company that specializes in providing support solutions to both local and global corporations and individuals in supply chain and maritime industries. Based on our experience and detailed conversations with our customers, we can offer tailor-made and innovative solutions for all your logistics challenges.

Located in the heart of Nigeria, we have full access to every patronized logistic facility and every means of transportation  into every countries of the world.  Be it by water, air, road or rail. We have a well built fleet of cargo vessels, storage and loading systems. Whether heavy, fragile or over-sized cargo, in boxes, bags or bulk, we will handle it.

Assist Dispatch is one of the best logistics service providers. We are present across the states in Nigeria and our services go beyond the boundaries of Nigeria. Whatever your demands and requirements, our logistics product portfolio offers you a tailor-made solution for your supply chain. We believe that remarkable needs require remarkable solutions.


Whatever the size of your cargo, we are ready to ship it for you. Our cargo service provides every support and equipment to transport some of the world’s commonly traded commodities. Our cargo service is the best and simplest offer you can ever get. It has been designed to ensure the safe, secure and efficient shipment and delivery of your containerised cargo. We treat every cargo with the same utmost care and attention irrespective of what the commodity might be. We believe that whatever the cargo is, it does really means so much to you.

Logistic Services

As your business has certain requirements, we design together with your individual concepts to maximise your logistics processes. We are with you all through the logistics supply chain. It’s our aim to provide the best quality solutions while keeping your cost under control. Our comprehensive value added services are tailored to suit customers of all industries. We provide maximum continuity, security and transparency.


Move your bulk cargo safely and efficiently. Whether you prefer to move them in flexitanks, ISO tanks, IBC’s or drums, we will help you to plan the safe and fast arrival of your bulk cargo. Tell us your requirement and we will provide an end-to-end bulk transport solution, customs inclusive, to match your needs and budget. Whether your cargo is in dire need of immediate storage or you want to shipped quickly to its final destination, Assist Dispatch will handle it professionally.

Fleet Services

Assist Dispatch provides quality fleet services with vehicles of all sizes, including small vans and delivery trucks. Our fleet is readily available 24/7, managed by competent and experienced team of professional drivers who are trained to maximally satisfy our customers. We duly operate based on the requirements of our clients and we strive to satisfy them in every aspect as they demand. Time sensitive and valuable consignments are transported carefully to any destination with highly trained personnel to over the whole process.